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PART L Compliance

     All New Build Dwellings that have commenced work on or after the 1st December 2011 will have to comply with Part L of the Irish Building Regulations 2011 "Conservation of Fuel & Energy-Dwellings". The document sets out maximum Energy usage and Carbon Emission levels for dwellings which can be achieved with increased insulation levels, minimising thermal bridging, increasing air tightness of the building envelope and providing an efficienct heating system with effective controls.

     All new building are also now permitted to have a renewable energy technology installed to help mitigate the use of fossil fuels to heat the dwelling or to reduce electricity usage.

     For many people, self-build house construction can be a stressful and daunting task, particularly with the large range of strict requirements of the Current Building Regulations. can provide excellent guidance on how to achieve Compliance with Part L 2011 in a cost effective manner. We have extensive knowledge in Renewable Energy Technologies and can advise on a particular technology that best suits your project.

    Our energy assessments and analysis can provide cost saving solutions with the right balance between insulation levels, heating system efficiency and use of renewable energy technologies.

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