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How Can I Improve My BER Cert Energy Rating?

Energy Audits Help Improve a BER Rating

Energy Audits Help Improve a BER Rating

To improve your energy rating what you are looking for is an energy audit and not a BER Cert.

A BER Cert will give a very generalised report, that is a legal document that is required when buying, selling or renting a building. It won’t go into too many specifics or be detailed in the specifics that it does give.

An energy audit from a Chartered Engineer would be able to detail exactly what you want to look at and get an independent honest view of practical solutions and my approach is to always start with the most cost effective savings.

If someone feels they are going to get a low BER rating, but need one anyway, we can do the Energy Audit and the BER Rating at the same time. If they want to improve it afterwards we can then make suggestions and we can come back and have a look and see if those improvements have been carried out and to what extent and then finalise the BER at that stage if that’s what they want. This can also be a good approach and give the customer a range of options.

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